Sportif PT X PH Clinic – Gut Health Seminar

A huge thank you to everyone who attended last Wednesday’s Wellness Seminar on Gut Health and made it a great success!

For those of you who missed the event here is a little re-cap on what we talked about!


A huge thank you to everyone who attended last Wednesday’s Wellness Seminar on Gut Health and made it a great success!

For those of you who missed the event here is a little re-cap on what we talked about!

Fun Fact

Did you know that our Gut Microbiota weighs up to 2kg?? Deep within the intestines is an entire life system of various bacteria that are all living together. There is anywhere between 50 trillion to 1000 trillion different known micro-organisms!

Where do the microbes come from?

  • No microbes in the womb, first exposure is at birth
  • Type of delivery directly affects the type of microbes we’re exposed to (e.g. Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section)
  • Initial microbe exposures can still be traceable in your gut flora years on
  • Whether your breastfed or formula-fed also greatly affects what microbes flourish in your gut. Breastmilk provide you with both pre and pro-biotics, which helps to then build up more good bacteria in the gut
  • No two people’s gut flora are exactly the same. It’s unique to you as a fingerprint
Functions of the Gut Flora
  • Contribute to Liver Health
  • Regulate Immunity
  • Synthesize Vitamins and Enzymes
  • Regulate Appetite and Blood Sugars
  • Regulate Inflammation
  • Control Pathogens
  • Increase Mineral Bioavailability
  • Synthesize Nuerotransmitters
  • Regulate Hormone Metabolism
What Factors Directly Affect Gut Flora Diversity and Numbers?
  • Illness and Chronic Diseases
  • Diet
  • Environmental Factors
  • Lifestyle Factors (exercise, stress, smoking/drinnking etc..)
  • Antibiotic Use

An imbalance of gut flora can trigger an immune response, causing issues such as inflammation, allergies, leaky gut syndrome, auto-immune conditions and affect the overall absorption of essential nutrients and minerals needed for good health and immunity.

How to Bring the Balance Back
  • Diet – reducing processed food, refined sugars, alcohol and coffee. Increasing pre-biotics, resistance starch and fermented foods
  • Lifestyle – Reduce stress and get outside
  • Supplementation
  • Supportive Therapies – colonic hydrotherapy

We look forward to seeing you at the next seminar shortly! For more information on pH Clinic click here


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