Top Tips For City2surf 2018

Are you one of the 80,000 people running the City2Surf this weekend? Pre-race preparation is vital to avoiding injury or illness leading into the event.

  1. Follow your Taper Plan: try to keep your mileage low this week but its important to keep moving. My advice is to go for a moderate paced street run, an easy hill/interval session (nothing to hilly) and a strength class/yoga session. Training should only be at 40-50% of your usual volume and capacity.
  2. Stick to Pre-Training Meals: This one’s important – race day is not the time for experimentation. No matter what’s usually on your plate, that exact meal is the “perfect” fuel for your run on City2Surf day. switching up your meals before one of the biggest races of the year might result in gut issues, or more toilet stops than usual. Go for foods you know your body can digest easily and keep it pretty light. A meal that contains a little carb and some protein are an ideal combination.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Pre-competition hydration is incredibly important due to the fact that dehydration has been proven to negatively effect performance. Hydration should have been a component of your training regime. As someone who has suffered from cramps during endurance events, I always check that my urine is clear at all times regardless of whether it is race week or not to ensure I am adequately hydrated. Like our pre-training meals I advise not to mix your drinks leading into race week unless you have implemented a regime. I like to hydrate using Endura or Pure Coconut Water.
  4. Warm Up Properly: On race day, start your warm-up with a slow 5-10 minute jog and then move into a few dynamic stretching/movement (walking lunges, high knees, butt kicks, side-skips, knee kickouts) and finally, mark out 50-100m and run some speed builds.
  5. Pace Yourself: Don’t go out too hard… the worst thing you can do is start the race at a sprint! Ideally, you want plenty left in the tank by the time you crest Heartbreak Hill. In basic terms, you want to go out a bit slower (don’t worry if loads of people are passing you), pick up your pace through the middle of the run and finish with your strongest/fastest leg of the race.
  6. Cool Down Properly: A few good quality stretches post race a vital, try to focus on your quads, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and upper/lower back. Rug up, refuel and rehydrate!


A class for the avid Fitness Junkie who isn’t afraid to hold back!
SPORTIF! SWEAT is our signature fast-paced, high-intensity session with all the feels! 
It is the perfect accompaniment to our Primal and Barbell and Erg programs. Sportif is where our community comes together and we all work as a team. 


Want to test the limits of your strength?
PRIMAL functional movement sessions are broken down into Push/Pull and Full Body. 
Enjoy sessions that focus on strength through range of movement. You can expect measured progression and guidance as you work to achieve the  correct movement patterns.


Expect full body compound movements sure to get the heart rate going!
Our BARBELL & ERG classes are equal parts strength and conditioning.
The first half of this class has a strength and technique focus, whereas the second half is more focused on maximum heart rate and conditioning.
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Maximise your cardio, speed, strength and endurance potential.
No experience is necessary! Each boxing class combines a technique component. Experience a mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills, plyometric movements and anaerobic exercises that are all designed to teach you correct technique.
** Please provide your own boxing gloves and pads. Gloves, inners and wraps are all available for purchase.


TRX x Strong | TRX x Pilates | TRX x Erg
TRX x Strong is a blend of TRX, Kettlebells and Dumbbells. This class focuses on isolated, total, upper and lower body sessions.
TRX x Pilates: expect to strengthen your core, maintain flexibility, and develop overall total body coordination. This workout helps build a solid foundation. It is an amazing system for general fitness and athletic performance.
TRX x Erg: Get ready for the most effective way to improve endurance, increase strength and power, and achieve your fitness goals.


Experience the perfect recovery session at our Mosman fitness studio.
Your primary tools will be foam rollers, bands, trigger balls and mats as you focus on trigger point work, active & static stretching, moving from one problem area to the next.
You’ll leave feeling limber; this class is an excellent option as active recovery on your rest days or as a second helping to an earlier workout because of its extremely low-intensity.
This class is ideal to balance your higher intensity workouts, and take time out from your busy schedule.
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