9 Week Fitness Transformation Challenge


Commencing Monday 30th April and concluding on Saturday 30th June 2018 we will be holding a Winter 9 Week Fitness Transformation Challenge!

I have booked MeasureUp to come and do Dexa Scans on Saturday 28th April 2018 with follow up scans on the Saturday 30th June 2018. Click here to book your DEXA Scan. Here is a snap shot on what to expect:

  • Nutritional Recommendations (plan will be based on The Primal Blueprint)(Optional)
  • 24/7 Support via phone, email and SMS
  • Goal Setting Session – Setting realistic goals and tracking them correctly
  • Tracking your results via DEXA scans – why you should never rely on the scales
  • Fitness Testing – setting new benchmarks!
  • Double client reward points to Unlimited Weekly and Personal Training Memberships ONLY, not applicable to casual packs.
  • $600 Prize to Overall Transformation Winner based on % of % change

Goal Setting Sessions will be held week commencing 23rd April please respond to this email/ or in person at your next session if you wish to take part in the challenge to organise a time to sit down 1:1 and set your goals for the challenge.

What is a Dexa Scan?

A DEXA scan is the Gold Standard technology used to measure body composition which means it is the absolute best in the industry. The scan provides you with:

  • Total body bone mineral density (gives your risk of developing Osteoporosis later in life, especially important for women)
  • Body fat %
  • Total muscle and fat mass (kg)
  • Estimated resting metabolic rate
  • Where you store your fat and muscle so you can know your risk of developing certain diseases (Central abdominal fat measurement) and identify imbalances
  • A macronutrient breakdown according to your individual body composition, this means a tailored diet just for you, How many carbs, fats, proteins you should be eating per day to reach your goals quicker and easier.

Individual scan: $90 with macronutrient report or $85 without macro report.
Challenge (before and after scan): $150 altogether prepaid at first scan. ($75 per scan)

All scans are able to be claimed back from health insurers reducing the price even more.

Challenge commencement date Monday 30th April 2018
Initial DEXA Scan Date: Saturday 28th April at Rawson Oval
Follow-up Dexa Scan Date: Saturday 30th April 2018 at Rawson Oval

You do not need to be apart of the challenge to have the scan, and this is open to all family and friends of Sportif PT members.

9 Week Fitness Transformation Challenge Details

Fitness Testing
In Week 1 and Week 9 of the Fitness Challenge we will be holding fitness testing sessions, we will be doing this a little bit differently this time.

Beep Test – this will be at select Sportif Classes (details to be advised closer to the date)
Strength and Conditioning Test – this will be at select Primal Classes (details to be advised closer to the date)

*These same tests will be re-tested in week 9 to see improvements.

Goal Setting Sessions

Commencing Monday 23rd April you will be able to book into a 30min Goal Setting Session and then a follow up on Saturday 30th June. Your Goal Session will include:

– Set a Goal for the 9 Week Challenge
– Measurements
– Set Up of MyFitnessPal
– Before and After Photo (optional)

Overall Transformation Prize: $600 Prize

– $200 Lululemon Voucher
– $200 Pace Athletic Voucher
– $200 Massage/ Spa Voucher


  1. All entrants must have a minimum of 1 group class or 1 PT session per week to be eligible to win prizes.
  2. All entrants must have a DEXA Scan to obtain before and after results to be eligible to win Overall Male and Female transformation.
  3. Goal sessions commence Monday 23rd April 2018 and conclude on Saturday 28th April 2018. The final Goal session must be completed no later than Saturday 30th June 2018.
  4. Family members and partners of Sportif PT trainers can participate but are not eligible for the overall prize.


  1. The judging of the overall winner will take place by Sportif PT Owner Jessica Cross and will be finalised on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

Sportif Events / Seminars:

– Balmoral Burn Sunday 27th May 2018. Join us at Awaba Street and wear your Sportif Singlet. Register Here .
– Mini Mos, 5km and 10km Run Sunday 17th June 2018. Join us run as a team and wear your Sportif Singlet! Register Here
– Wellness Seminar – Details to be confirmed closer to the time

Register Here!


A class for the avid Fitness Junkie who isn’t afraid to hold back!
SPORTIF! SWEAT is our signature fast-paced, high-intensity session with all the feels! 
It is the perfect accompaniment to our Primal and Barbell and Erg programs. Sportif is where our community comes together and we all work as a team. 


Want to test the limits of your strength?
PRIMAL functional movement sessions are broken down into Push/Pull and Full Body. 
Enjoy sessions that focus on strength through range of movement. You can expect measured progression and guidance as you work to achieve the  correct movement patterns.


Expect full body compound movements sure to get the heart rate going!
Our BARBELL & ERG classes are equal parts strength and conditioning.
The first half of this class has a strength and technique focus, whereas the second half is more focused on maximum heart rate and conditioning.
Come and experience this class for just $7 at our boutique gym in Mosman.


Maximise your cardio, speed, strength and endurance potential.
No experience is necessary! Each boxing class combines a technique component. Experience a mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills, plyometric movements and anaerobic exercises that are all designed to teach you correct technique.
** Please provide your own boxing gloves and pads. Gloves, inners and wraps are all available for purchase.


TRX x Strong | TRX x Pilates | TRX x Erg
TRX x Strong is a blend of TRX, Kettlebells and Dumbbells. This class focuses on isolated, total, upper and lower body sessions.
TRX x Pilates: expect to strengthen your core, maintain flexibility, and develop overall total body coordination. This workout helps build a solid foundation. It is an amazing system for general fitness and athletic performance.
TRX x Erg: Get ready for the most effective way to improve endurance, increase strength and power, and achieve your fitness goals.


Experience the perfect recovery session at our Mosman fitness studio.
Your primary tools will be foam rollers, bands, trigger balls and mats as you focus on trigger point work, active & static stretching, moving from one problem area to the next.
You’ll leave feeling limber; this class is an excellent option as active recovery on your rest days or as a second helping to an earlier workout because of its extremely low-intensity.
This class is ideal to balance your higher intensity workouts, and take time out from your busy schedule.
34 reviews

5.0 On Google


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